Business Development – How to Uncover What Your Prospects Need – Part II

Business development goes beyond just smiling, dialing and adding new contacts to the database. What it comes down to is research, and really uncovering what those that you are looking to do business with need and desire. If you will take the time and effort to research and then apply it in your ‘biz dev’ efforts, then you should find it much easier to convert prospects into clients and bring clients back into the fold with repeat business.In this article I’m going to share five steps that you can use to further your business development efforts and that ultimately equates to new sales and revenues. These steps are the basis for the foundation and will help if you implement them properly.Depending on what you are selling will determine as to how you use each of the five steps I outline below. If your product has a small profit margin and you need volumes of business to keep your company running, then you might go about the steps a little different than someone marketing a big-ticket service.Five Steps you can use to uncover what your prospects want, need and desire:1. Ask the pertinent questions when you converse or meet with your prospect or client.2. Use these questions to find out their wants, needs and desires. This way you can start to form a picture in your mind about how you can best service your prospect and what the next course of action is.3. Develop a series of emails and/or physical surveys to dig deeper and further communicate. This works well if you are working in an online environment and can even work for those that are strictly off line and need to manage a large number of prospects.4. Take the Q&A to your team and customize or provide a solution to the want, need or desire that is expressed by your client. If you can, customization is the best way to go. If not then do you best to provide a solution and fill the need.5. Follow up with those on the email or physical mailing list and see if anyone is interested in the solution that you have for their want, need or desire. Follow up is very important and should already be a part of your daily and weekly task list.So make an all out effort to do your research, communicate, take your business to the next level and advance your development efforts.